Reflecting on the Power of Partnership Summit 2023 by American Integrity

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending American Integrity’s Power of Partnership Summit. The 40 agency partners present represented the top 3% of agents in the entire company, and the atmosphere was buzzing with collaboration and insights centered around navigating Florida’s intricate insurance market.

It was an honor to participate on the panel about Agency Success, along with colleagues I admire and respect. Sharing my experiences from building Ricci Insurance Group over the last nine years, I was reminded of the deep and meaningful connections I’ve forged over the years. Many agents I met at such events have become more than just colleagues- they’ve become close friends and I am grateful for that.

Greg Cagle’s keynote was a highlight. His perspectives on leadership and corporate culture resonated deeply, offering tangible takeaways that I believe will benefit many in our industry.

To all the agency partners and the dedicated team at American Integrity: Thank you! Collaborations like these fortify our industry, especially in challenging times.

Cheers to the strength found in partnerships and the bonds we continue to build!

DISCLAIMER: This article contains general insurance information. Please refer to your policy language for exact coverage details or contact one of our team members for more information.