A New Affordable Home Insurance Option in Today’s Market

At our homeowners insurance agency, we’re committed to offering a variety of choices to our clients, ensuring they have access to the best possible coverage for their unique needs. It’s concerning to learn from the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) that 15% of homeowners in Florida lack insurance coverage for their properties. With Florida’s home insurance rates being roughly three times higher than in other states, it’s understandable that many residents might struggle with affordability. Our role is to help bridge this gap and provide viable options, especially for those who find themselves unable to keep up with rising premiums.

The risk of going uninsured is particularly significant now, with forecasts predicting an extremely active hurricane season due to an expected La Niña weather pattern. The financial impact of a hurricane or fire can be devastating, far beyond the cost of minor home repairs, like fixing a burst pipe.

In response to these challenges, one of the insurance providers we represent, American Integrity Insurance, has introduced a new product specifically designed for Florida homeowners. ValueGuard Property Insurance™ offers essential protection at a more affordable price point. This policy focuses on core perils such as fire and windstorm damage, including hurricanes, enabling homeowners to safeguard their properties without resorting to risky self-insurance strategies.

ValueGuard allows customers the flexibility to tailor their policies with optional add-ons, such as flood insurance endorsements, to better meet their individual needs and preferences. This approach ensures that our clients have choices and can select the coverage that best suits their circumstances.

Backed by a financially stable and hurricane-tested company with over 17 years of experience in the Florida market, ValueGuard stands strong with a policyholder surplus of more than $113 million and an “A” (Exceptional) Financial Stability Rating® from Demotech, Inc. Additionally, ValueGuard meets the mortgage requirements specified in the Valued Policy Law (FL Statute 627.702), providing comprehensive protection that aligns with lenders’ expectations.

At our agency, we support the ValueGuard tagline: “You can’t afford NOT to be insured.” Offering this new insurance option underscores our commitment to providing a range of choices that cater to the diverse financial situations of our clients. We believe that everyone deserves the security of adequate home protection, particularly in a state as prone to hurricane damage as Florida.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains general insurance information. Please refer to your policy language for exact coverage details or contact one of our team members for more information.